Breeding season

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Breeding season

Ace bread Ace.

To become a nationally renowned loft, we search and keep the best bloodlines. So far we have 5 national ace pigeons and several very famous cocks and hens. And now we are going to make our dynasty stronger and bigger.
We breed separately as distance. To keep the blood pure and stick to the race, each dynasty will not pair together. Only a few exceptions (for best of best breeders).

Top KBDB ACES breed youngster for super long distance. Again, we have 5 national ace for this colony.

“Peggy” BE09-2045788: 1st Nat. ACE KBDB ELD 2011
“Witpen Rivaldo” BE07-3008642: 1st NAT ACE KBDB ELD 2012
“Elsie” BE11-4274336: 1st NAT ACE KBDB ELD 2013
“Pierre Mistral” BE10-3120100: 1st NAT ACE KBDB ELD 2014
“Nico” BE13-5105708: 1st NAT ACE KBDB ELD 2014 YEARLING

Fenomeen Dynasty will have youngster fight for 600-700km races.

“'t Fenomeen” BE07-427833910: 5th NAT. ACE KBDB LD 2010
“Nestbrother Fenomeen” BE07-4278340: 4x Top 100 nationa itself.

Nearly all pigeons in Fenomeen Dynasy in the same blood line. Based on the Marseille line from Etienne Meirlaen. Alongside with children, uncle, half brothers, half sisters, and a nephew that is a son of the Marseille.

Houdini-Chip Dynasty are bloodline based on 300-600km race.

“Lady Bourges”BE09-4063032:Nat. Superduif 2012. Super racer with many results.
Here in Houdini-Chip Dynasty have been coupled for 80% with Geerinckx Pigeons.

With three main bloodline, we are going to pair them around  27 November.
Expect to have 300 youngsters breed from 36 pair and 10 super breeders.
Wishing the super result in 2016!

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