Breeding season

Ace bread Ace. To become a nationally renowned loft, we search and keep the best bloodlines. So far we have 5 national ace pigeons and several very famous cocks a…

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2015 result overview

Another bright season for Bricon Loft! We have 5 times 1° in club; 1 provincial champion; 6 times top10 in province. Begin from April Noyon to Bourges in August, from 195km to 694 km. Each r…

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Fenomeen-Dynasty expanded with a super class pigeon !

Again a very succesfull auction on PIPA of Casaert-Senechal. In this auction was also 'Nestbrother Fenomeen', a super performer, first as racer and now also as breede…

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1th National ACE Extreme Long Distance 2014 Yearlings also transferred to TBL!

Again we have succeded to obtain a new super pigeon. His name is Nico, the top racer from Nico Jaspers that distroyed the compatition on the extreme long distance rac…

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1th National ACE KBDB ELD 2014 "Pierre Mistral" joins The BRICON Loft

After owning already 3 National Aces, Peggy, Witpen Rivaldo and Elsie, we were able to add another super racer to our breeding lofts. Pierre Mistral is the best r…

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A few new class pigeons transferred to The BRICON Loft

In the last months of the year 2014 we were able to add some very interresting pigeons: Rafke: 13th National ACE KBDB LD Yearlings, very close origin to one o…

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